AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Wrong Station

I got off at the wrong station
And found myself in Shitsville
Where people looked like an alien nation
As if deprived of their own will
They were certainly doomed to extinction
And abominable demolition
Though they did give me such a thrill
That I was left numb, amazed and still
And couldn't recall the place of my destination

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Hey Aram, howzabouts not crowding out all the other poets out of this window with your undoubted talent? There are many readers of this site - including the poets themselves - who enjoy coming each day fresh to this site, and finding on the first window,20 poets new and old, with their individual voices... a good menu for the day. Scrolling down all your poems means they don't get read with the care they might deserve... who wins, who loses?