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Wrong Turn
DEG (November 26,1986. DOB / Jamaica (Trelawny))

Wrong Turn

No one ever remembers the good that you’ve done.
The times you spent up and down the mountains, bathing in the sun
Just for them to have a good life, filled with nothing but fun.
At last I can say that was the past. The days that were full of excitement and love all drowned along the pass.
I escaped with my sanity, no more pain to gain. Happier than I ever was, no longer things are the same.
Two roads ahead, which one should I take
Let me be, let me sleep, I don’t want to be awake.
Deeper than the ocean, wider than the sea,
The day that I die, no one will remember me.
Been down this road before, I just can’t remember when
Best way to live is to trust no one, not even your closest friends.
One road is pleasant, the other will get you burn
Still it is your choice, don’t make the wrong turn.

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very fine. congratulations.