Wrongs to commit them with intent.
Is a tremendous difference,
Than not remembering them done.
Undermining to belittle and demean,
Is something one is known to do.
And captured in posing pictures as proof.
One who has done wrongs,
In a past to okay.
And approve as the thing to do.
May wish today a forgiveness to get.
A pain to inflict,
On others expected to have forgotten...
And forget it.
Is likened to someone who has been crippled,
For life.
With a choice to choose selective memory.
To not remember,
When, where, who and how...
A wrong done from another to do,
Is okay as long as they say...
"The past is the past.
I've gotten over it.
Why can't you?
How can we ever see eye to eye.
And try to get along.
If you insist upon,
Bringing up facts from the past.
When I have repeatedly stated,
It was not me to admit remembering any of it.
Even though,
To claim my involvement was a mistake."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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