(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Wyoming Truck Stop

I spent the night in a truck stop
Where engines hum all night
I woke up this morning
And it was quite an amazing sight

Trucks are parked everywhere
Except my little spot
For my truck and trailer are parked
Where the other trucks are not

As I watch all these semi's
I wonder where they’ll go
I don’t think it really matters to them
For driving truck is what they know

I’m in the Middle of Wyoming
And right behind this parking place
Is where a herd of cattle are fenced
So right now they share my space

Have you ever been to Wyoming?
It’s quite an amazing place to go
It’s the perfect place for cowboys
And for exciting rodeos

But I’m just traveling through
Across this country of mine
I can’t until tomorrow
To see just what I can find!

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Comments (3)

I'm dropping in to your truck stop and I might share the same space as you and the cattle share. How I'd love to be there! On my only visit to the USA I became passionate about Semis. I used to watch scores of them passing by somewhere in Pensilvania. I was told they were heading for San Francisco. Thanks for taking me on a 'trip! ' I'll go surfing for semis on the net!
a very well imaged scene i could easily roam with your roving eye....from meat on hoof to temporary roof the reference to truckers travel is so much like travel of older days....with an aura of mystery and new horizons...sleep in the truck...do a this an that and move on...in many ways the sail handelers of today very nice an neat poem....yes the sort of poetry i enjoy writing and reading...an i v quite a bit stached here hope to be in touch more often cheers
By pass Lake Charles La. if you can...