VW (17-04-1969 / India)

X -Account

Those sparkling ornaments
Which I had forgone
With least sense of being a donor
To save the prestige of someone
Never bitten me, until -
I received its Account.

The mighty receiver’s pledge
Hurt me at my palm
I gave it without any noise
It seems it will return with clamor,
When prestige is no more at stake.
Donor is at the mercy of receiver.

The crown firmly placed on head
Balance grown at coffers
There is urge in mind to repay
With a statement in public
Want to be a reliever.
Settler of scores, at givers cost.

It was prestige at pledge, then.
It’s indebtedness that stings, now.
From all the angles, you have cause
A bookkeeper of valuable’s accounts.
Some givers don’t expect returns
But all receivers enjoy the 'take'.

Don’t take for the sake of take
Don’t return for the sake of return
Give and take is not a game
Give and take, not all can be accounted
Give and take, not all can be settled.
Many a times, it’s part of relation.

Givers, please beware,
You give and they take
If you didn’t, they have others
They also know to keep account
Whether you keep it or not.
Account - is also a prestige issue
Never knowing who will audit.


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a very practical write...everybody can relate to a situation like this