I have an eX-wife and an eX-cat
Also an eX-house and an eX-rat
X the paper boy X the mail man
X the lawyer man X the garbage can
I get eXcited with eXtra X's
I have X in my taXes
I went to TeXas in a taXi
I found X in my taXi
XXX I use brand X
Put your X in a boX
Try to fiX or miX an X
I have X you won't believe
I have X up my sleeve

X out your mother-in-law
No one will ever know
I have eXtra paper
eXtra pen eXtra time
To write an eXcellant rhyme
I have an eXtra pair of shoes
To walk an eXtra mile
X here X there XX everywhere
X-rays are spelled with X
aX me about my aX
Xylophone Xero Xmas XerXes
Look it up in your diX-tion-X-ary
I expect to get out of here eXtra fast
Where is the eXit

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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