X Cut X

Why does it have to be me
To go through this bit?
Why does it have to be me
Who never throws a fit?

Im crying can't you see.
Don't you care about me?
I lock Myself in the bathroom.
I won't let any one in.
Then I see it
Perfectly sharp in all its Glory
To help me
Release me
Let me be free.
I take it in my hand,
Gripping it Tightly,
Pointing it carefully at my wrist.
I am goint to do this.
I close my eyes
Count to 5 -
Aahh a sudden pain
Releases, I feel it trickling
I look at it.
Its not too deep but Deep enough
To feel
To know I'm real.
I'm released
And I am not hurt
Not in the least.

Then I sit
Once Again
Looking, Thinking
About what I've just done,
Just accomplished
A small Frown appears
on my face,
A tear takes place
Makes it journey
to the floor
Then I beamed
I smiled
I got up
Looked in the Mirror
And Screamed
'I'm Not Trapped Any More! '

by Melissa Ferrer

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Comments (3)

Did this really happen? ...It seems so real...This tells exactly how i feel...
whoa. really heavy, yet it still was playful in the way you wrote it. quite an achivement; 10.
Strong one Melissa.... Sorry if this is a true account. But it's beautifully expressed. Dan x