JC (September 13,1987 / Mira Loma, California)

X-Mas Gift

I called you today

To tell you I'm sorry

About the things never said.

I hope you find the strengh to forgive me

But I just can't

Because to say those things

To make your heart at ease

Would be telling you so many lies.

I'm not the person you hoped I'd be.

You knew the truth all along

But the truth you chose to deny.

You hoped your Intuition was wrong.

You prayed to the Heavens above

That the Preminitions could change.

How can it be that the person u love

Can also cause so much pain?

We can't change what was meant to be.

I love you so much.

I just wish that person didn't have to be me.

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This is true. Sometimes the person you love so much can be in love with someone else, and it is really painful. If only you could have the powers to place your self in his shoes, you would feel the pain even more. That’s one of the reasons some say love is pain. But let me tell you what I think, I think such case happens mostly to someone who is nobody; that is why the other is loving someone else. If he is a wealthy, famous (a STAR) person, it can rarely happen to him because if his girlfriend is not in love with him, another girl can take her place speedily. But it has to do with the boy too, if he has fallen deeply in love with the one that is breaking his heart, it might be a little bit difficult for another girl to invade his heart. But the painful end of such case is that the boy always turns to be an important person later, and by the time the girl would start falling for him, it might have been too late for her. This has happened to so many girls, and they always regret their deeds at last. But I tell you, true love cannot be defined. Love is like a tree with many branches. If you guys are meant for each other, heaven or hell cannot separate you two. Sweet poem and I love the story line….