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X - Not Queen Yet.

How faintly vulgar
and not even Queen
wearing such jewelery
for all to be seen.
The last to wear them
she reigned over all
through 'Votes for Women! '
and the 'First World War! '.
While the Tzar faced a
firing squad and the
family name changed
belonging to Britain
those jewels still remain.
How faintly vulgar
certainly not Queen
wearing such rarities
for all to be seen!

April 2006

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GOOD WIT/GREAT QUIP...SUPERIOR FLOW, AND DISCRIPTIVITY...Tres Bien Madamoiselle Gillian......(ok let me try this..get that grin off your face now, Gillian) Vous avec eau dix! ......AU REVOIR, FOR NOW! FRANK '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~F. J. R.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Royalty? Incongruity! Not my favourite prople, or subject...