Poem Hunter
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)



Do you see her heart in the x-ray?
How its all broken and shattered
Do you see the body in this x-ray?
How shes filled with pain

The x-rays are perfectly clear
Shes broken and falling apart
See the stab in the back x-ray
Where shes been stabbed in the back

Nothing that we can do can help this girl
What do we do now?
We couldn't possibly show her these x-rays

I'm so broken yes its true
So broken it even shows up
On these x-rays so clear
The stabs in the back from people who were suppose to care

But in the end it winds up that all
I have is myself
What the x-ray didn't show is that I'm falling in love
My heart is so broken and shattered that you can't see this love I have for him

Thankfully its not on the x-ray
Because he can never know
I wish he'd knew but I just don't have the guts
Those x-rays if he ever knew how broken I was he would never try to fix me

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