X. Telepathy

The air brings this scent
To me, it hits my head.
Your voice has my heart
Flushing, reverberating in resonance.

by Igwe Kalu Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

igwe - Beautiful description of the invisible ties that bind us! I wrote a poem about the telepathy of plants, etc. called 'Relativity'. You might enjoy reading it. Thanks for this lovely poem - Cheryl
this is a real beauty ig! great stuff. al
If we've been fortunate, we've shared the perfumed air... and magic happens. Very nicely done indeed!
Non-verbal communucation intrigues me and it seems quite mysterious in that people understand each other without saying a word. This poem is a really good example of that.
Communicating from within, no speech necessary, fabulous, I like it very much Igwe.--Melvina--
I find this an unusual, almost sensual use of non-communicative communication... hence the aptness of the title. Well scribed. t x
lovely poem to read. like it loads! al