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X - The Old Queens' Jewels.

Handed down, now tainted jewels
breaking, binding sacred rules;
that gaudy crown flashy flaunted
such spoils from an unholy mess
long long ago Queens and Princess;
irreverant towards the dead.

Ever joyful sinning, grinning
feigned innocence running, cunning
haphazard chance: a hoped for crash?
The games not over yet awhile
when such a marriage has no style,
haunted by an unforgetable ghost.

Blaze beloved diamond gems!
The blood spilled red of one condemned
and once united kingdom, torn
twisted fate had thus been cruel:
such dressing up in all their jewels!
So sick! Acquit! Leave us to mourn.

March 2006
A comment on the latest whereabouts
of the Old Queen Mary's and the Queen Mothers
jewels and the breaking of sacred tradition
within the British Monarchy.

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