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(x) & (Y) Part 1
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

(x) & (Y) Part 1

Poem By Eman Awad

In a long set of hearts,
only the minority settels.
Few get proper starts,
but all get endless battels.
Lets say we have a girl (x) ,
and we have a guy called (y) .
With issuses that can't be fixed,
and their love makes them fail but try.
Then the going got tough,
with all those matters they can't figure out.
Then they lost track of love,
suddenly their fairy tale was filled with doubt.
(Y) said he felt so alone,
and some times he wished he was dead.
Same as (x) felt she has no home,
mutual thoughts went through her head.
But since they were trying so hard,
why (x) feels so far apart from (y) .
Some thing aches her heart,
and aches more with the tears she cry.
All that time spent in a shell,
waiting for (y) to show with his amazing smile.
Acting to her own free well,
leaving what bothers her in a short while.
But she tries and she can't leave that,
no matter how much she's irretated or disturbed.
Things are the worst after just bad,
she tries to smile after all the things she heard.
If we are trying, smile for me (y) ,
show me you'll try as well that i'm not alone in this.
All of that (x) says in fear and then sigh,
she misses him through all this time of lonliness.

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In a long set of hearts, only the minority settels. Few get proper starts, but all get endless battels Yes you are right, really and also rarly some one can easly find his other part. Do you know why? That every one acte to look as he or she like to be, not as what he or she are be. Also that every one can't see his or her defects.Most of time they see only the other one defects. The most that they lost tolerance between them. Well done dear Eman, i hope that you don't mind to add you as one of egyptian friends that to be the first as i'm still new with this site. have a good day.
Lovely and emotional, , with a beautiful rhyme u inspired the whole world around me, , gr8 work