CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Xeniyah Presents: His Story: Part 1(C) 8-28-09

He remains on guard though tomorrow’s a mystery in it self
He knows his past is redundant and his story repeats it self
But he knows to stay in the present where his presence is a gift
In these string of unfortunate events he still tripped in the rift
He’s so cold he’d make a freezer feel like a sauna
Nervously hurlin up the cork from his patron, Jerry O’Connor
So paranoid he got on one dude like twelve niggaz to watch you
He says as his motto I am so great man I’m watchin Uatu
No longer protected his spies lay upright and pinned down
Eyes like a smashed tomato jokingly they smile instead of frown
No his only chance of living is precisely the way that he’ll die
He knows it sounds stupid but in his bitter heart he knows he must try
It’s a 50 – 50 chance he’ll either be fightin to live or he’ll die fighting
No lights but his eyes have night vision pupils since he’s not use to lighting
His braids are made from the nooses that once hung his people
Division signs in his eyes because he couldn’t see everyone equal
His mind is feeble didn’t understand how courage he had to muster up
He really needed his girl but now he thinkin why did I bust her up
He got a pistol with one round in it facin forty-two men
Unfortunate again when he put his fist to his year forty-two friend
Demonic aura rises from ever place he lays his foot
Once healthily brown skin now he’s ashier than soot
Was once a genius when it wasn’t his life at stake
Silently prayin to nothin saddened cause his mom he’d forsake
He was a man who practiced atheism but wore a cross on his neck
Tattoos with boxes, next to them all his enemies names all were checked
But there were two that just appeared with the boxes there too
It was the Game and the Streets that in he wanted to do
They turned their back on him but on them his mind he didn’t anymore set
It was one other obstacle in his way that he couldn’t forget
A tale of how life goes for the unseeable creatures
Xeniyah presents to you a more than double feature
This isn’t a once upon a time so sit back before trouble sees ya
This series is different from most so lay back Xeniyah’s the teacher

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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