CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Xeniyah Presents: His Story: Prequel: Part 1(C) 11-25-09

This is a story of a kid from the hood
Best he knew he could, but he was up to no good
Got caught in some mess when he was met by a stranger
Now the streets is his home and the barrel is his chamber
Grew up on 45 and power rangers
Wasn’t a problem child but it could be his life in danger
Figure love had nothin to offer him but he wanted peace
Killin anybody that walked on or talked about his streets
Had some dealins with a crew that claimed to be brothers
His motivation was securin a future for his fame and his mother
Pretty oxymoronic for the trouble he caused
In and out of jail so from the crime he had to pause

Busted windows out his car
Dude couldn’t believe this mess could happen to him
Unusual feelins beatin through his chest
Needed to find a way to release stress
Yo so the dude made every excuse for causing abuse
Bein the means for lacerations treatin kids like refuse
And refused to take the fall all cause he was amused
His fuse blew when his tools drew at his fools too
Together forever never whether the weather was better the next day
And that’s all they would say
Fame was the measure and he knew clever they would sever his head away
I just hope he can pray

Compilin information about when the other crew would strike
Was a girl with the facts but protected every nigga she like
She was supposedly neutral…But gossiped for money
She said if she saved she’d be in a lannd covered in milk and honey
A party on the street gave him a perfect chance to get loose
Gangs were hangin around like strange fruit from a noose
Loaded up his AK with almost more than it could fit
Positioned his truck on the corner and waited for the talkin to quit
It was a dollar for girls and two for boys to get in
Though most of them were gang bangers Eric however was innocent

Wednesday Dave told Eric there is a party this weekend
Bring two dollars security won’t allow you to sneak in
Eric had a little cash and was bored at home
Usually smart mouthed but tonight he couldn’t afford that tone
Wore his favorite outfit and snuck outta the house
Maybe this time he could get a girl outta her blouse
Made sure he was fresh 20 minutes in the mirror he stared
Met up with Dave and got some hot Cheetos that both of em shared
The party went from ten to two and they said it was poppin today
But sadly cause when they started poppin Eric got in the way

People ran ramped screamin encompassed some wind in the air
Though Eric was laid out people ran and had no concern to care
Dave sped home and knew what terrible event just took place
Just before Eric got shot he looked the shooter right in his face
The man lived right next door to Eric just about last year
Dave took off runnin into an abandoned and gain composure after his last tear
What could he say to his mom could he even look her in the eye
Even the thought of it made Dave bust out in a hysterical cry
Sirens from the police car and a truck came with and AMBULANCE inscription
In fear most of them described the killer but didn’t speak when they asked for a description
Not even Dave even though Eric was his homie his hold attitude switched
Remained speechless cause he knew rats squealed and couldn’t be entitled a snitch

So now Eric’s mom was taken to the emergency room not knowin who killed him
Two police officers relayed the message to her and her reaction almost killed them
Everlastin pain shows on her face as she searches out her son’s murderer
She asked around to find the girl with all the facts but now nobody heard of her
Her search seemed to grow pointless the cops stopped after the seventh day
They reached their quota for a missing search it was irrelevant anyway
She sits in the chair that he sat in every day to play games
Stared at a picture of him inside of a Victorian frame
The killer sat on the porch plottin his next attempt, beard completely shaved
She walked out to breathe in some fresh air turned he nodded and she silently waved
His mission deemed a success after he blew them up in their cars
Though they had nothin to do with the shootin he surely rose up to the stars

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