CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Xeniyah Presents: The Beginning Of Evil: Climax (C) 9-10-09

I remember it like yesterday it was the day Sam sung
Standin at the corner and Fido was doin tricks wit his tongue
I made a mistake and bumped a nigga stepped on his shoes
Looked down his suit was lookin mobile but he start singin the blues
Start makin threats so I gathered people and said you all tell me what occurred
They started frontin actin distracted like they saw Phoenix eatin a bird
Mad niggas surrounded me and I didn’t think sex fail her
But she knocked me clean out and I heard him say next tell her
They was knockin my head like cricket that’s the sport
So now I’m tryna make as much sound as a Cricket playin golf
Looking over the horizon they got me sayin Verizon from this damage
You see I’m tryna make a point like Vonage…I mean vantage
I couldn’t keep my eyes straight I heard “Aye Tee-Tee”
They was bouta boogie down so I tried to rescue me
I saw the exit so I tried to sprint out
Runnin with all my power I just hope my feet don’t give out
I saw them chasin me so it felt like I got a speed boost
Maybe I did cause when I ran I felt kind of juiced
I tipped over a barrel of motor oil and kinda slipped away
But the boost that I felt weirdly started to slip away
I knew they would do anything in they’re power so I wouldn’t get away
The man said go get the mobile T we gotta drift away

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