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Xxi. Sciatic Fit

The horse on her heels sits upon her hind
Reins rendered tempestuously elastic
As contours on loin map by jutting cliffs
Of soft mount… the saddle, planted under loins

Th' ass on her heels nodding also side ways,
Hoof and gait like the cat's-paw and catwalk
Dexterously dilates, and saddles a strain
Of strayed pulses-and- desire… strungs and tunes

Their veins in resonance with her frenzied
Gait: Whetted wilder than can tame seeping
Wetness - Mistress of Telekinesis

Come to tether in shades... a kiss upon
The lips that were flews and, I forked senses
Out of her pouch to cease the sciatic spasm

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