(18 October 1964 / )

Doors Of The Temple

Many are the doors of the spirit that lead
Into the inmost shrine:
And I count the gates of the temple divine,
Since the god of the place is God indeed.
And these are the gates that God decreed
Should lead to his house: - kisses and wine,
Cool depths of thought, youth without rest,
And calm old age, prayer and desire,
The lover's and mother's breast,
The fire of sense and the poet's fire.
But he that worships the gates alone,
Forgetting the shrine beyond, shall see
The great valves open suddenly,
Revealing, not God's radiant throne,
But the fires of wrath and agony.

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Soon the firefly is gone Leaving me in the darkest of nights The tiny fly made me anticipate A sunrise with the finest of lights...fine poem
Nice one...... ....
wow, , beautiful. thanks for sharing
beauty and love and moving
Poem is beautiful but is it reflecting approaching of good times.certainly
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