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An article of clothing
can always be clean the next morning
it doesn't matter if
it has been exposed to
blood, sweat, or beers
so long as you drape it
over the back of your chair
before you go to sleep it
will be fine the next day

There are no holidays
no anniversarys, birthdays
or memorials for dead guys
the only hoiday is the
carnival season each Autumn
celebrated on
the first two nights of
each week.

crying is verboten
it doesn't matter if
you've just crashes your
new Camero into a guard
rail and it in turn was
hit by a set of diesel fuel
tanker trucks and
your arm was ripped off and
your mother is still pinned
beneath the frame of the car.
you still can't cry.

unless, maybe, the
Ram's v Packers game
is replaced by NASCAR

you will never, ever
make a mistake obviously
your old sports injury
is acting up the sun
was in your eyes or
they've changed it since
you last saw it mistakes
are done by everybody
else They are to be
pointed out

there are very specific
guidelines for hugs the
arms must be barely rest
upon the shoulders the
waists must be kept at least
three feet apart the maximum
duration is to be
approximately 85 milliseconds

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