I Am Glad I Did Not Stop Dreamin'

When I look back
With a wry smile on those days
In grade school, when the teacher
Would pull me back into the room

Stop dreaming, she would chide
I would wonder curious faced
Me who had memorized all the cw and hw
For weeks to come? ?

She blamed me of day-dreaming
How did she know, any way?
Surprised me always, but I would
drift off happily, a princess in the tallest towers

Captured by a firece dragon
would wait ever so patiently
from recess to final bell
For my knight in shinin' armor

To rescue me and fly me
To the moon on a magic carpet
Over snow capped mountains and
Seas of azure blue

To our sweet palace of illusions
Just when we were about to kiss
The goblin-faced boy would shake
and I would come back....

to the ground beneath my first grade class
But still...I was dreamy eyed,
and often high on my imaginary kite
through teen years and motherhood

Life struck me painful blow after blow
With cruel enormity because the people
outside my own home NEVER
entertained my fanciful notions

I was rudely crushed again, and yet again
Cried bitterly but then just wiped my tears
And stood tall like Scarlett
'Cos tomorrow is another day

You know when I sit next to you
And steal a look at those keen eyes
And a keener intellect
I smile BIG......

and mentally trace your features
the small scar of the'tick'mole
that special profile
Gracefully determined little chin

I hug myself and want to
google Mrs. Sharma, my teacher
and thank her resolutely
for all those times she..... did not interrupt me

Because my best dream came true.

by Monita Soni

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A wonderful poem again.Lines to remember- - - - - Mere qabr me dafan honge zindagi ki kayee sach, Duniya ke saamne bhalaa ronaa bhi to kyon rona, WAH!