Yahbah Don't

Yahbah don't.
Don't keep flip switching on me.
One day rain and thunder.
The next day cold.
Burning my soul with your frozen heart.
To depart then return begging forgiveness.
As if I am to earn the giving of your apology.
Yahbah don't bring daylight.
Then begin to turn my dawn,
Into a darkness that spooks.
Reminding me of my blackened skin,
Had been invisible to you.
Yahbah don't.
Don't be vicious, cruel and evil to me.
Have I not been the one,
Who would prepare you food...
With picked berries you love to eat.
Stay awake sleepless,
When sickness swept you off your feet.
Who was it that defended every move you made?
Who was it, Yahbah...
That stayed with you.
When you chased others away.
Fearing them with certain death to come.
If they challenged your presence.
Or words you bellowed to expect them obeyed.
Open your pale blue eyes.
Recognize I have been the only one,
Not frightened by your taunts.
Or the backbiting to me,
You have done to have me run.
Don't be so foolish not to see who it is.
That has brought to you comfort.
The moment I too felt your hidden tears.
Don't be ugly.
Around me you need not be.
Yahbah open your pale blue eyes.
It's what you attempt to hide inside.
Known to me the others will never see.
You need not to me be so ugly.
Nor think of me as one who would judge.
I was born to love.
Not fear what I felt to hate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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