Yang (Depression)

Poem By marian johnson

I hate how I feel
I hate being depressed.
I hate feeling regressed.
Tell me, what is the deal? !
At times, I am happy go lucky, but sad.
At times, I am easily irritated, but glad.
It makes no sense, no sense at all.
I'm on top of the world, but look how quickly I fall! !
My insides are itching, searching for an escape.
I'm left in shock, my mouth is agape.
Self destruction is at the end of my path.
No one is safe from my terrible wrath.
And when it's all over I start to subdue.
Yet i will still stare in the mirror wondering, who are you?
I'm secluded because of myself
I'm the lonely toy left up on the shelf.

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wow! Dis is impresive....cant wait to read yin...

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Reader Comments On Poemhunter.Com

I look at these comments and smile with glee
In disbelief of the kinds words that have been bestowed upon me.
It's hard to share these thoughts inside of my head
But easier as my confidence is fed.


I look forward to this year
Kicking my butt into gear.
I'm the one with all the clout
Sailing through without a doubt.

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are when I lived with my grandparents, brother, and dad.
Waiting for grandpa to come home from work
to give us mint candy with a sincere smirk.