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Yangery Today

It does seem like rain is not that far away
A sunless gray sky over Yangery today
June Winter's first month all but over two sleeps from the first of July
And above the green paddocks of Yangery the gray fogs of rain in the sky
But suppose with such mild Winter weather you will not hear many complain
And though the countryside has seldom looked greener it is always welcome the rain
The cattle on nutritious young grass are gaining weight by the day
A month ago things were so different the farmers were feeding them hay
It does look like the drought is over El Nino has left Yangery for elsewhere
In bare, brown and sunburned dry places he has gone to live there
Today a gray day in the Moyne Shire but the weather mild for the time of year
And the familiar song of the pee wee in the calm air is pleasant to hear
And the recent rain has brought greenness to Yangery as green as it ever has been
In Nature in all of her Seasons there is always beauty to be seen.

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