Font Color=darkvioletwish’n’ I’d Done…more (Song)

(Another song.: D I think it took the music from the being part of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’. But maybe not.)

‘ gonna live a long, long li-hife.
‘ gonna walk a long, long path.
To a farrrr aaaaway…place.

‘ gonna have fun, fun ti-himes.
‘ gonna do fun, fun things.
That; ll ju-uuust fade…away.

I’m gonna get rea-ly stri-hict.
‘ world’s gonna be black and white.
With nooo moore creee…ation.

I’m goona be an old, old person.
Think’n’ of old, old mem’ries.
Wish’n’ I haaad…more.

I’m gonna be on my death bed.
Think’n’ ‘bout my long, long life.
Wish’n’ I’d done…more.

by Jane Meyer

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