Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe

Poem By Sheila Donovan

Chocolates, gum drops; Licorice sticks
Upon the top shelf away; from the kids
Bubble gum near the; cash desk
Its the colours invite you; so picturesque
Then the big glass bowls; with nickle plated lids
The colours of the different sweets, makes them wild,
All the kids

Toffees you can't eat; 'cos of the fillings in your teeth
Buy some marshmallows to eat; the new moon beneath
The chocolates wrapped up in ; different colour tin foil paper
You choose for the colour; you know what you prefer
Hard centres or creamy ones; but the nuts are good too

Have you noticed the people who work in the shop; all they do
They don't rush you, say hurry up; there is always a smile
They don't hover or stand over you; so very servile
Yet there are people that go straight; to their favourite one
But others have to see, smell; they have to be shown
Suddenly you decide -- You'll get a pound or two
Then you see the price; that is handed to you?
As we all love chocolates; so much
The price goes up higher; becomes such
An exorbitant price; a bit high for you and me
I'll have to wait till someone; loves me
To bring me boxes and boxes; all for free
But I bet I find someone who loves flowers; don't you see?
How can I say "Bring Chocolates; instead"
I'll just have to save to buy my own chocolates; instead

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