Year Cast It Spell

Once a year; every year comes
marching with gong and drums
making it more than a dream
the past, the present and the yet-to-be
by the sound of the tolling midnight bell;
a brand new year will surely awake;
like new falling snow

Thou; we do not know what still awaits
Or what the morrow brings
but with glad salute of faith;
we hail its open wings with joy
and so, we could wish my day to be
while holy cast their presence;
and gentleness of heaven brood over us,
like Jehovah; God of Jews.

by Abideen Oluwalonsola

Comments (5)

Good good
I like the line gentleness of heaven brood over us like Jehovah
Lovely succession
Good start with a lovely poem, the tone and the settings are realy amazing. I love it
Wow its lovely