CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)


Inside of me a yearning grew,
Of what I yearned I did not know,
A gnawing ache, a thirst so great,
I could not banish it! Oh sad state!

The matter really was not too complex,
The complain seemed ill-founded,
Yet it bugged me every moment,
It nibbled at my soul! Oh vile torment!

I chanced upon an apparition one day,
It was by a lack; I recollect.
Her eyes contained a strange potion, I wanted to run,
I stayed.

On retrospect a better choice I never could have made,
Well a man cannot fool his heart,
It was really no choice,
Just a momentary plague.

She had porcelain skin, that figure I beheld,
It oozed the most provoking odour.
The yearning in me took a different form, I finally made it out,
Yearning for what it really was, pure, undefiled ardour.

I moved a little closer to her,
This apparition I could not resist.
I drank the potion from her eyes,
Yes, I inhaled the toxic odour.

She was more than beautiful, this apparition,
Too beautiful for beautiful to describe,
The bluest eyes I ever saw,
You see, I never could drink the potion dry.

Oh I knew! I knew!
I would need her for life.
The problem laid in claiming her,
I was too intoxicated to strive.

I gave up scheming and planning and all those things,
I went to her upfront,
I tried to speak, I could not.
An attempt destroyed, I was stunned.

You might not believe me,
So I shall describe,
She was such a beauty.
I will never accomplish it, but you cannot say I never tried.

You see, she had the most glorious hair,
Neither light nor dark.
Sapphires for eyes,
Roses for lips,
Her skin was without error,
Milk was black in comparison.
Her body was silk, oh yes the finest silk,
Her legs, Oh her legs, Oh my I cannot do justice.
Alas I have failed in the attempt.

The day came, courage stood by me,
Well I cupped her face with my hands,
Trembling while I did,
I was certain she'd disappear then,
She did not! The yearning ceased!
My own! My own! My very own.

Copyright © Christian Eliab Ratnam 2010

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