The Two Thieves On The Cross Represented Jesus' Twin Brothers In That World Or Thought! If You Study And Or Read The Gospels You Will See Jesus Had A Brother Named Judas! The......

The two thieves on the cross represented Jesus' twin brothers in that world or thought! If you study and or read the gospels you will see Jesus had a brother named Judas! The life of Judas Iscariot was the so-called thief who accepted him [Jesus Christ], and the death of him the one who rejected Him! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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Is it of this world, or of another world? I hope, one day, it will unveil itself to us.....oh yes, it will unveil itself to us. This is a beautiful poem on love and dream.
Yearning for something that we cannot figure out is will certainly cause distraught and this feeling it bound to multiply if we don't stop pondering over it. So, I feel, it is better to leave things as it is.
Yearning for something lost! Nice piece of work.
Sadness with a longing for something that is lost at the core of your being, you search relentlessly in the past for a reason for your melancholy. So beautifully written that touches deep emotions that we all hide from the world but in our thoughts there is always a search for peace and love to complete our journey! Outstanding write!