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Yearning For Semaphore

The saltwater waves blue in the sunshine gently laps on the sandy shore
Far distant in sunny South Australia in beautiful old Semaphore
The lure of his Hometown is beckoning he's not been back for three years or more
In the Sem park with his mates he played cricket the cheers rang when runs he did score.

Next week the home and away Football Season is starting his favourite team Port Adelaide Power
Last September how they celebrated in their greatest victory hour
His mates in the Semaphore Hotel they partied till the small hours of four
And his heart it surely was with them though he lives far from Semaphore.

The lure of the Hometown is beckoning in fancy he can see the sea
The wide beach that stretches to Largs Bay will live on in his memory
He was a young boy of the eighties that only seems like yesterday
He now has a wife and twin year old daughters how quickly the clock ticks away.

In Semaphore in South Australia the white backed magpie and the bird known as pee wee
They sing in the quiet of the morning in the old green park by the sea
From the tropical sun of hinterland North Queensland he now wears a much browner tan
And though you can take the man from the sea shore you can't take the sea shore from the man.

The silver gulls call on the wide beach it is such a beautiful day
In Semaphore in South Australia from where he lives now far away
And the frolicsome dolphins are playing in the saltwater at Port Adelaide
And memories of home are still with him and such memories never fade.

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