Years have passed between us
Yet it seems like only yesterday,
When you walked into my life
And I thought you were to stay.

Every kiss seemed like a promise
To me that you were only mine,
I thought we would never part
Our love could only grow with time.

Your love had blinded me
Not a thing could I see,
I could only listen to my heart
Coz the world had ceased to exist for me.

Now that those times have gone
I see that I was wrong,
For I could not hold on to you
Perhaps my love wasn’t that strong.

I had lived my life in your arms
Found my world in your eyes,
It was all but a moment’s paradise
It’s only now that I realize.

Seasons have passed and gone
Since you loved me last,
Yet I can feel you in every breath
That’s the magic you have cast.

We have walked the roads for miles
Some steps together then alone,
Yet today when I stand beside you
I feel you have been there all along.

We have been apart so long
Felt and caused so much pain,
Yet you and your love
Don’t seem to be a bit faint.

Once we were so close
But distances seem a lot today,
Yet I know that our love
Is just one step away.

I wish I could cry
And all the love and the pain
Inside me could flow as tears
Never to come back again..

I wish the tears could
Roll down my cheeks
Erasing my mistakes and your memories..

I wish the tears could
Wipe off those words
You wrote in my heart and whispered in my ears..

I wish the tears could
Rub off your name
From my heart and my life
Never to be the same again…

by baisakhy dash

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It is better to be loved by someone rather than to love someone. Wait until it happens.