SH (March 17,1971 / Edmonds, Washington)

Years From Home

Be at odds - constantly
And your shadows kept in closets wont be seen just a vacancy
It seems so long - I tried to be
An optimistic figure standing out in fragile fields of green
I was alone..... and years from home.....
Play your cards - Intelligently
Try not to fall too hard if nobody's there to break it underneath
You dont smile enough - that's what I hate to see
It seems a sadder state awaits you when you're asleep one night it'll
take you away from me
That's all..... I need..... awaken to a world that's broken me
....If that's what it is I beleive it was destined
....A showing of hands I kept taking for granted
No one's home - expecting me
To offer affection, gentle assurance, that I'm as good as I can be
If moving on - means that I'll be
Running the risk that I'll be empty next to taking a chance to be happy
I'll try.... I'll wave goodbye.... admitting you were once a tear in my eye
....If that's what it is I beleive it was destined
....A showing of hands I kept taking for granted
....A shell of a soul I set free when it ended.....
No numbing the pain or ending the rain as it drips off my face
I'm getting a taste of my web I left when I was young
And now that it's gone I concede it was wrong my timing missed it so
And I'm afraid that I can't be the last of the lucky ones.... but someone
had to lose
Despair in me stays the memory keeps on replay in my head
Holding to heart what she said 'I meant you no harm'
The ending seemed just and to me obvious like it was bound to be this
I take a long last look around before I ease myself down... ease myself
down... ease the curtains down.....

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This is full of fine imagery, and conveys much through the turbulent structure, as well. It's hard to compliment one line or image, there are so many good things about this. But the closing lines are stunning - absolutely heartbreaking.