Years Of Tears

There once was a timid and shy,
little girl, who lived withdrawn,
in her own little world.

Her heart was full of compassion
and love, she was truly a gift,
from our father above.

She had no control over the
treatment she received from the
one's who practiced to deceive.

For they would tell her, they loved her
very much. yet this statement was
contradicted, by their dirty, shameful

At night when they'd finish, playing their
games with her, they would abandon this
small child in her shameful, little world.

She so longed for love, that she
always obeyed and tried so much to please
them, by giving herself away.

This abuse continued, for many
years and as she grew, so did her

No one was there, to ease her
pain so she grew up defiled, and full
of shame.

As she grew older, the abuse came
to a halt yet this innocent, little girl
felt that she was at fault.

There was no turning back the damage
had been done and the adults who
misused her had finally won.

When she thinks of the abuse
that she was forced to endure she feels
that writing, may be her only cure.

If you wonder how this little girl
is doing these day writing is her therapy,
of which is written upon this page.

by Ruth warren

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