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Years That Last (Written For My Dad,2004)

In the years to come,
These days will be the past.
How quickly can time go?
How long can memories last?

Sometimes I wonder,
As these times fade away,
As the years just keep passing,
Will I forget all of this someday?

Our movies sit in their cases,
And our pictures in their books.
I’m seeing happy faces,
With the same familiar looks.

I’m realizing it doesn’t matter,
How many days we let go by,
When the sun goes down at night,
It doesn’t leave me asking why.

And when we don’t get along,
Because we can’t seem to agree,
Our pictures don’t show that,
But they’re memories to me.

With all reminding me of good,
Those times I cannot forget.
But I still want to recall the bad,
And I’ll know that we aren’t perfect.

And no matter how many times,
We can act like we don’t care.
In our own little way,
I know you’ll always be there.

Our lives are like an ocean,
And these years flow like water.
If we ever reach a fall,
I’ll remember that I’m your daughter.

I know that I’m a lot like you,
That’s not hard to see.
Do I make you proud?
Am I all that you hoped I’d be?

Together we’ve been here,
Through good times and bad.
I’ll never have to fear,
Knowing that you’re my dad.

I have memories of us,
When we would play together at night.
You were the world in my eyes,
Everything you said was right.

Now I’m getting older,
And it’s not like it was before,
But I want you to know,
It doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

Because you are still right there,
And it’s not hard to recognize,
I’m not the same little girl,
But you’re still the world in my eyes.

In the years to come,
We will eventually call this the past.
But in my head and in my heart,
Everything we have will last.

Our relationship and many things will change as I get older, but I still love you the way that little girl did. I remember when I was small, and I remember you being there for every step that I took. Thank your for the memories of a wonderful dad and the fact that I still have one.

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This bought a tear to my eye, what a lovely tribute to your Dad, your love for him shines through, well done, Lynda xxx