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A Poem On Breast-Feeding Wbw,2013

In space or earth, north, south, east, west,
For every child, breast-milk’s the best!
No formula of milk comes near
the natural human breast-milk dear.

Breast-feeding of each child is one
Most sacred duty of woman;
The smaller family-norm has made
This right of children, that shouldn’t fade.

Right from the first woman called Eve,
A better way, none can conceive;
If healthy must be human race,
Breast-feeding must maintain good pace!

All mothers must well know the art
Of breast-feeding, right from the start;
All new-born, infants need this food
To stay disease-free, through child-hood.

Breast-milk is ideal food and feed
That helps the baby grow indeed;
Breast-feeding is a practice prime,
That has well stood the test of time.

No child should be denied breast-milk;
No mother should this duty sulk;
The new-born must be nourished thus
By every mother, without fuss!

Dedicated by the Dean, Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,
IRT PMC & H, Perundurai.
to the Erode Pediatric Association and the Department of Pediatrics,
in advance for the World Breast-feeding Week Celebrations,2013
Copyright by Dr John Celes 23-6-2013

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very good poem on breast milk, but the poet's note can be debated..