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- - - Yell - O! (Ghazal)

Poem By Ben Gieske

Not much comes to mind now as I think of something yellow
Except that Beetle Song that happens to mention yellow.

I do not care to cite a certain bird I know by name
Which of all living colors has a belly gleaming yellow

And how can I forget the time that youthful Dorothy
Sauntered with her friends along that road whose bricks were yellow.

So how am I to continue and finish this poem piece
If I can’t conjure more things which know the color yellow?

Let me see — are there fruits I know with that color? .
Is it a lemon that’s lemon colored or all yellow?

As I now recall, I can see there being in the fields
Some flowers still growing wild and proud of beaming yellow.

And last of all, I want to close with one fulfilling thought.
I wish to be the one who hears that harvest moon yell, O!

- October 5,2009

Published online Dec.21,2009 by The Ghazal Page in the Color Radif Challenge Issue. Go to: http: //www.ghazalpage.net/

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Comments (2)

hehe.. i loved the poem.. especially the last line.. :)
Ben, I know of the submarine and the yellow brick road, ahem, maybe the canary and I loved this poem!