(September 11,1987 / Long Beach, California)

Yelling In Silence

A minute of your time costs you nothing, but means the world to someone

The reaching of a hand.
The absence of a touch.
I never thought I'd need-
What I now miss so much.

He looks, but does not hear me.
Walks past without a sound.
I've grown so used to living-
With him never around.

He works, but knows nothing-
About me and what I've done.
I want to yell 'Don't you see me-
And the person that I've become? '

I'm reaching for your acceptance.
I want to make you proud.
This poem yells in silence-
What I want to say out loud.

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this poem is a very suttle way to portray pain. i like it instead of being so obvious with your anger you have a certaint type of pain in this :) ♥