AC (1 November 1989 / Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Yellow And Red

It's light that I see all along the streets.
You show me them yellow, you show me red.
It's light that I see.

With the god's of this dark, on pursuit with our footsteps.
I'm beginning to follow a story.
A story that's etched deep down my clay vessel.
You tell me stories, stories that keeps awake through visions.

It's memories that I begin to see.
You show them yellow, you show them red.
It's memories that you gracefully flaunt.

I feel the polished stones below my feet and the soaring history enchanting.
The cigrettes that you crave for, become my quest.
We quench our thirst above water beds.
And I quench mine emotionally.

It's you that I begin to see.
Under the yellow light, under the red.
It's just you that I see.

by Anish Cherian

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Deep down my clay vessel! Thanks for sharing.