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Yellow Light
SD (8/16/51 / New York, New York...U.S.A.)

Yellow Light


I went driving this morning.
As I drove the traffic light turned yellow.
There are two things I can do, I thought.

Stop and play it safe, or step on the gas and gun my way through it.
Play it safe or risk the ticket… an accident… death?

Life’s like that…

Comes a time when we all approach the yellow light…
that time of life when we’ve come so far and there’s no turning back.

The yellow light is on and soon it will be red…
and all the traffic must come to a halt…
and all the play it safes will do the right thing…
and all the green light folks will have passed us by.

The yellow light is on…
I can see it clearly…
There are two things I can do, I thought.

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