CCA (11/22/48 / Ft. Lauderdale Florida)

Yellow Neon Eyes

Hiking thru trails mountain high
Marking them as we passed by.
Sun began setting dusk rolled in.
Set up our tents feeling safe within.

Almost asleep I hear a growl
Russell of leaves a smell so foul
Eyes that pierced deep in my heart
God help me before killing me starts

A mountain lion big and bold
This cat made my blood run cold
The others left me there to fend
Alone with this I cannot contend.

Praying God's help would come
Closing my eyes preparing to die
Cat reared back leaping to get her some.
Two more jumped covering my eyes

No bites? what animals are these guys?
Looking, two wolves cover to disguise.
Still as if waiting for a surprise
A growl chimmed in sound of the wise

Huge yellow neon eyes glistened
Beautiful he was and elegantly pristine
He circled the lion without fear
Oh! Lord Help me don’t let me die here

Shutting my eyes prepared for death
The two over me stepped off and left.
Feeling his presence sitting next to me
Turned my eyes towards him to see.

Yellow eyes were softly full of care.
I knew God had sent him there.
As he headed for the woods
Pausing and just stood

Stopped looked back as if to say.
I'm in the shadows as you find your way.
My friends? They left me there to die!
God used his creatures to keep me alive.

Selfish people I no longer have time.
Gods mountain is the only one I climb.
Faith moved my mountains

Copyright © 2005Carole Cookie Arnold

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nicely done poem