(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Yellow Ribbon

He made quite an impression
And he was very much aware
They had combed and fluffed
His soft lovely brown hair

His horns were formed perfectly
Feeling heavy on his head
His owners seemed so excited
Patting him more when they fed

He knew he looked striking
For folks stopped out by the road
Admiring his every move
As across the barn field he strode

There wasn’t a single doubt
That something great would come
Once the judges saw him at the fair
He would impress most of them

He’d get a blue ribbon, he felt
Next week at the state country fair
Though there was much competition
With hundreds of animals there

Then he sighed with less confidence
Shook his broad head with a snort
He’d at least win a yellow ribbon
His owners would happily report!

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