What I Crave For!

My heart holds like a lake
Sometimes real sometimes fake
True dreams keep me awake
Hope helps me to be alive
Love nourishes my life.

Memories make me cry
All gone in vain the efforts and try
Once a lie made my life a hell
How painful the story is to tell!

Benevolence increases my grace
Coveting is eating my soul's flesh

Fear is my real foe
Tear is not the weakness though
It is from the heart rainbow
To look afresh the life that follow.

Unwanted weeds grow very fast
So in me the greed and lust
Which make my life an intolerable mess.
Peace of the mind is at a stress.

I let loose my dishonesty
False pride- falsehood- sycophancy
All these are true enemies of my personality.

All around me there is gloom
To sweep away the vices I need a broom
And for the virtues a folder to save
In my heart I always pray and crave
I want to remain honest till I go to the grave.

by Abdul Wahab

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