Yeltsin Ii

'Adios Yeltsin';
And like the gurrillas to the technologies of our time!
But, the tropical seashore will move you about;
Because of the convention of the wisdom of incognito.
Shore, ore!
Like the muse of the Attorney General of Mississippi;
But, be very wise to do the right thing always in life.

Time and money!
Distance and honey;
But, midnight is the time of the demons! !
Like, red-hot chilli pepper.

The gorilla of our dreams!
But, propulsion is not an antacid;
However, my ego is bigger than the State of Texas! !
Because, the world had metaphorically become smaller.

'Adios Yeltsin';
And like pace Setters for progress!
But, my heart weeps and my mind writes,
Because of your muse which is gone too soon.
Pace, peace!
And like life in a dreamland without hospitality;
However, i will be your mirror always on the wall whenever you need me.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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