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Yep, This Is India

You did ask me for a saree
And a cute little red Bindiya
Please hold on to that feeling
You know we're not in the West
But we are in India.

If you ask me what's the difference
Between a saree and a bikini
I'd say from outside there ain't any
But if you look at the inner essence
One is used for worship, other for felony.

Here we dress our Goddesses in saree
Not in a tee-shirt or in a bikini
Even Kali in her glorious nakedness
With only blood-dripping skulls for covering
When her cosmic death dance was over
Came back in red saree to her Shiva lover.

Yes, these are of course just symbols merely
But a saree stands for permanence mainly
So at marriage we offer her a saree only
Knowing too well it won't last till fourth night
When she will throw it away completely.

A husband does not expect her wife
To be covered in saree all the while
Yep, he'll love to see her in jeans, bikinis
Even a mini skirt will bring him a smile

But having received her in saree and bindiya
He knows the bond's for life and ever after
That thought alone sends a thrill up his spine
Hence offer of saree you should never decline
For my Love, as you know, this is India.

Therefore, put on the saree you were given
And part your hairs to put the vermillion
Show me why you are for me one in a billion
And let me know for sure you are for me alone.

(And do not cry hoarse for sex, sex, sex
You know these things are petty non-sense
Little trinkets which are conclusions bygone
Once you have found your true love, Honn.
These little things just happen on their own.)

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Comments (2)

There is electricity in the air around you two ladies. A wind of sexy words from the poet is ruffling the commentator's sari every which way. Now it is bellying out in the wind, now it rises teasingly, now it is plastered against her shape. I would love to ride these updrafts into the sky-well, for I am sure they would take me across an ocean. And I will! But so much deliciousness must be saved for a rainy Sunday. Thanks so much to the poet for her incredibly generous recent uploading, and to Lalitha for her inspiring chimings-in.// The way you add a devilish twist to those sexy personal ads reminds me of the American poet Joe Wenderoth, who wrote the book LETTERS TO WENDY'S. He uses the framework of customer evaluation notes at a fast food restaurant to skewer American isolation and convenience food and marriage and much else besides. You've shared a bookful of personal ads that are so titillating, so revelatory of the sexual dance, and yet so charged with contemplative strength, that I'm sure that they will go somewhere. Lalitha is only the advance guard of those whose heart-pennants will flap and swirl around their poles for you.
thanks for this lovely poem and for enlightening me on Indian customs