TG (March 18,1963 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Yes, An Ascension

Yes, the rain deferring to the sun, shining
Through clouds, revealing dust hovering
In a shaft of light. Yes to the ice caps
On mountains melting, forming rivers
Running through rocks and ravines
Of thighs. Yes to the pomegranate seeds,
Turning finger tips red. Juice on my chin.
Yes to you and your open mouth and claim
To my life. Yes to the day and its star
Swirling in the galaxy of unknowing.
Yes to you and your breath on my neck
And your hand on the nape of my back,
Pulling me into your fire, knowing all I need
Is here. The stars could be aligned for a history
Defined. So I say yes to you
And yes to ground swell, rising beneath my feet
Lifting me to the clouds of heaven.
So orgasmic – ah yes.

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