Advantages Of Retirement

HOW sweet in silent thought to trace
The riches of redeeming grace!
To reckon mercies o'er and o'er,
And find them such an endless store!

Jesus! everlasting theme!
Constant source of bliss supreme!
On thy fulness let me live,
From thy finish'd work receive
Humble faith and holy fear,
Courage, joy, and love sincere;
From the chain of Sin set free,
Bound alone, O Christ, to Thee.

by Maria Frances Cecilia Cowper

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Fear is in every man and will haunt him all of his life. if e could control our fears this world would be a peaceful place. loved your poem Kumarmani
i'll make just one 'grammar' suggestion: Instead of In eager they said......i'd use: In eagerness they said or They said eagerly Grandfather (and teacher) have give good advice to the children. bri :)
Is the age sixty of a person ripe? Yes! Ripe life is beautiful!
A lovingly conveyed message about why we must shun greed, the evil that destroys our social fabric. The poem also tells children to respect their elders always and also pray to God. Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
What a great poem! wonderful words of wisdom by a grandfather to his grandchildren.
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