Yes, I Am..

Yes, i am a freak
but then the world needs it
and if you can't approve it
then your the one thats sick.

Yes, i am confused
but people love labels
and if you want to know
then i can just say 'i'm in love'.

Yes, i am insecure
but then the worlds a little titled
and if you are so sure
then your the one that needs help.

Yes, i am here
but where i am not so sure
and if your hand is near
then please give me a tour.

Yes, i am in the dark
but the worlds a huge maze
and if you can't give me light
then your just another phase

Yes, i am falling
but i'm hoping it is cushioned
and if you can't catch me
then i will leave u alone.

Yes, i am all the above
but then you should already know
and if you are just a statue
then i don't really want you.

by ezzabell fanning

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