Yes.. Im Secretly In Love With You..

this isnt gonna be a poem.. for some reason.. i cant write like i use to..
i got this one girl on my mind.. she my world.. but she doesnt even know. her smile are precious.. her hugs are rare.. her kisses are hardly seen.. she protects herself, like the stars in the sky.. she makes me feel safe.. she is my friend.. she doesnt know.. that she means the world.. i'd fall without her by myside.. when my world is falling apart.. she knows just what to do to fix me back up.. she is my star.. but she doesnt even know.. i'd reach.. i'd try.. but nothing will get me close to you.. i hope one day you know.. i was secretly in love with you..

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (4)

You have to tell her! brilliant poem!
SO CUTE! ! ! Gosh i wish I was that girl... **tyease**
HEY AWSUM POEM! ! ! ! 10 outta 10! you really should tell her your true feelings... good luck.
You should let her know how you feel. Great poem :)