Yes, India Will Be A Super Power By 2050

Yes, India Will Be A Super Power by 2050. Why?

When I was a little kid, I used to hear India would be a super power soon. Now 30 years gone, it has not happened yet. India has disappointed herself again and again. In-spite of this skepticism, I am confident, India will be a super power by 2050. Now question is- what gives me this confidence?

1. The great Indian dream. My 10 years old son "Aranya" tells me- "dad, today I won globalgame competition." What it tells me? It tells me today's Indian kids are not afraid to compete globally. Because of internet technology, they have seen world and they have seen India. Now they have grown a hunger to make themselves the best. It's this hunger that is going to make difference.
2. Indian Military Power. India has second largest army, and one of the most powerful army of the world. In today's world of constant threat, military power gives a country required stability. And this stability helps economic growth.
3. Nuclear Power. Believe it or not- in today's world of conflict, nuclear power gives a country lifeline. Nobody wants to mess up with a nation that has nuclear power. Moreover, with nuclear power, India has ensured an alternative source of energy.
4. Economic growth. For last few decades India is maintaining a GDP of 7 or high. Other than China, India is the only country whose size of GDP and rate of growth of GDP- both very high.
5. Population size. India is the second most populated country in the world. And India will soon be the number one. By 2050, India will beat China by 350 million people. Population is strength. Why? Because with this huge population, India can build such an infrastructure, world has not seen yet. Believe me- in few decades, India will build some largest infrastructure. "Geo" is just a humble beginning.
6. Information and Communication Technology. Incidentally, India has focussed more on ICT than on traditional industry. Because future is going to be shaped by ICT, future belongs to India. And India will continue to grow in this area. Soon, Bangalore will beat silicon valley of America.
7. Democracy. China is not a democracy, but India is. Democracy ensures freedom and growth of citizen. Democracy is more attractive to investors than non democracy. Democracy is more conducive to equality and justice.
8. Rise of nationalism. Even enemy of Narendra Modi admits- Modi has instilled a pride amongst Indians. This pride and self esteem is quintessential to be the greatest. This pride was not so evident before Modi.
9. The Centre for Economics and Business Research says in its reports India will be the fifth largest economy in 2018 beating Britain and France.

But all is not good. India has several road blocks. They are-
1. inadequate science and technology. Science builds the future. Science is the engine of prosperity. To be the greatest, you need to create yourself. You just can't keep borrowing from others, and still be the best in the world. Ancient India was a super power. Why? Because ancient India was super power in science. India had Arjyabhatta, Baudhayan, Brahmgupta, Bhaskaracharya, Mahaviracharya, Kanad, Varahamihira, Nagarjuna, Shushruta, Charaka. They all were world's best. Here is our biggest problem- Ancient India was a thinker, but today's India is a blind believer. Today's India is superstitious and dogmatic. This blind belief system blocks all new thought, all new invention, all new creativity. To be the greatest, India must learn how to think freely, and make science and philosophy her top priority. Indian government must ensure free thinking is rewarded, and bulk of the GDP spending goes to development of science and technology. If India fails in science, India fails her dream.
2.Bureaucracy. India ranked 130th in "ease of doing business". With strong effort from current government, India has jumped up by 30 points to 100th rank. But still- too many red tapes, too many layers, too many undesired rules and regulations, too complex a tax system. India must overcome these challenges now than later.
3. Corruption. Needless to say, few most corrupt entities in India are- politicians, government system, media and business. These are the groups entrusted with- taking India forward. But they are the one who are dragging India behind. Both people and government of India must fight against corruption. India must strengthen her judiciary system further.
4. Negative Politics. It's just not the politicians who are engaged in negative politics; it's- the media, the people, the intellectuals all are engaged in activities those are sabotaging India's progress. India must nurture pluralism and free thinking, but when it comes to national interest- all Indians must forget their political and religious differences, and stand together as one India.

Dear friends, do you have it in you? If you have it, prove it. Make our India the greatest of the nations. Make dream of Subhas Bose and Vivekananda a reality. Make it today, make it now. If you serve cause of your country you serve yourself. If you love your country you love yourself. God bless you. God bless India.

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by Arun Maji

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