Submit To Love

The world is running
more after lust
it's time we raced towards love
no not sex
but love of mankind
where we can look after the common interests

Global warming
anti corruption
and basic minimum medication
improve our environment
live a clearer and cleaner life
enjoy outside mobile toilets
avoid heavy medical bills

improve the quality of life
we as humans must strive
to uplift all masses
crawling along the floor
as they about for basic means
and minimum amenities
are not quite sure
we must with combined efforts
their welfare ensure

Help mankind to contain population
conserve the Earth's resources
its worthiness

we are the owners of our planet Earth
since our birth

we must ensure all who come next
get a better platform on which to rest

basic amenities at best
all politicians around the world
must by their wisdom wrest..
Hope my message goes abroad
and human beings
do a better life now afford.

by me poet yeps poet

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This is a joke right? Well it gave me an Idea! ! ! Dangerous thing that is... ; -) R.