Corporation Via Every Nation

Till growth foot sore worked with hope could see truth of scripture
Bleeding from wound heart is suffered all of believe thing went never mind
Listen from far away coming mourn with blowing wind having idea begining where
All of people s is try to make fun with hide by shadow of dark

Mild jaundice with sun is go down for drowning sea water
Fish men are fishing for maintain themselves lover
All though rough wave coming for tackle canoes under water
Because of god is never open path for them behavior

Having more corporation with world via every nation
Could see soon salvation from suffered pain
Pure bible with could find real phrase of true loving
Beaming and rays everywhere could every being of human

Luster eye with thing sweet girl went away and blaming
Haven't forgive couldn't believe she had be lover of mother by boning
Never writ by god get out from him under care believing
Trust of gospel all of human being began from power of true loving

by inguruwattadewage charminda

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